before I met him I flicked a lighter down and down again on its mocking red button and turned my hands into first degree burns trying to light my citronellas. the wicks sat deep at the bottom of unbearably tiny blue buckets, each its own individual pinterest project from hell, specially designed to cause me pain. I carried the candles in front of my chest every day, miming funeral processions and Catholic devotionals. I saw him, a man as lonesome and disregarded as a tree,…Continue Reading “untitled by Vincent Mangano”

You screamed the captain died You cheery messenger Of a depression-drugged paper What else must you preach about this life That heroes decline That a kitten survived That we are all so slowly losing our minds To blame the media that you smile so sweetly for And the good soul I took my captain for You shake images into fuzz boxes I made my TV turn static Because you wreak havoc On every channel that gets signal From a satellite that floats dismal Wanting so…Continue Reading “Satellite By Devany Solanki”

blue sky was only sun. the kind that keeps you swallowing and raining for the duration of walks or the number of dark needles between your hard toes. warm water softens to let me pluck them from my insensitive skin, the kind that tree roots had inscribed with a marred sense of justice.   cellophane — transparent materials or something i remember better and impossible movements were inevitable in the economy of “way back thens.”   blood, purple, and sour vomit in my parent’s home:…Continue Reading “the culpability of distance to burn a place by Micah Giraudeau”