Editorial Staff:

Halden Fraley – Editor in Chief

Halden Fraley is a junior, working on a Communication Arts major and a Creative Writing minor. He hopes to pursue a career in comic books and other narrative illustration in the future. He enjoys Japanese candies and old science fiction pulp novels from the 1950s.

Noah Wilson – Assistant Editor

Noah Wilson is a senior in Communication Arts student at VCU, specializing in illustration. He plans to use these skills to pursue a career in tattooing. Noah loves moths, plants, and bats, and he enjoys making jewelry.

Kt Nowak – Art Director

Kt Nowak is a current Senior at VCU majoring in Communication Arts: Scientific Illustration and Environmental Studies. This is their fourth year on the (pwa-tem) staff. When not busy with school they enjoy embroidery, insect collecting, and eating sweets