Pwatem releases two publications a year. In the fall, Pwatem releases, Rabble, a themed chapbook. In the Spring, the yearly anthology is produced featuring works of all themes and genres. Our printed journals can be found across campus as well as at the Student Media Center (817 West Broad St).


The chapbook, Rabble, is Pwatem’s fall publication with a new theme each year. The name comes from James Branch Cabell’s rhymed reminder to: “Tell the rabble my name is Cabell” to promote proper pronunciation of his last name. Find our newest print of Rabble here.

Spring Anthology

The spring anthology of literature and art, is Pwatem’s publication to showcase the range of creativity of VCU’s undergraduates. Pwatem publishes poetry, short fiction, plays, photography, sculpture, printmaking, among other creative works in the spring anthology. Find our newest print of the spring anthology here.