Jesse Beck- Editor in Chief

Jesse Beck is a sophomore in film and is hoping to pursue a career in movie editing. He also has a passion for bones, drawing, writing, geography, and trees. He is happy to be in his first year of role as Editor in Chief and looks forward to continue being a part of Pwatem.

Jess Soffian- Assistant Editor

Jess Soffian is a senior Communication Arts major and Creative Writing minor pursuing a career in comic book writing and art. Jess has been writing fiction and poetry since childhood and is thrilled to have a student publication like Pwatem as an avenue to continue this passion. A former music major, Jess has a very wide range of interests and, when not working on Pwatem, can usually be found drawing, baking, singing, playing piano, reading comics, or playing D&D.

Reese Cilley – Art Director

Reese Cilley is a sophomore majoring in Communication Arts with a double minor in Creative Writing and Environmental Studies. In their free time they enjoy reading, listening to podcast, drawing, playing the trumpet, and watching cartoons. They love everything cartoons and environmental science.

Julia Martinez – Secretary

Julia Martinez is a sophomore in Mass Communication. Outside of Pwatem, she’ll usually watch movies, listen to music, and take pictures around Richmond.

Kirsten Sturgill – Web Master

Kirsten is a VCU sophomore majoring in communication arts, specializing in Story boarding. They enjoy animation, yarn works, plants and astronomy.

Our Editors

  • Jordan Kalafut
  • Abby Lacuesta
  • Melody Vang
  • Jada Artis