Halden Fraley – Editor in Chief

Halden Fraley is a junior, working on a Communication Arts major and a Creative Writing minor. He hopes to pursue a career in comic books and other narrative illustration in the future. He enjoys Japanese candies and old science fiction pulp novels from the 1950s.

Noah Wilson – Assistant Editor

Noah Wilson is a senior in Communication Arts student at VCU, specializing in illustration. He plans to use these skills to pursue a career in tattooing. Noah loves moths, plants, and bats, and he enjoys making jewelry.

Kt Nowak – Art Director

Kt Nowak is a current Senior at VCU majoring in Communication Arts: Scientific Illustration and Environmental Studies. This is their fourth year on the (pwa-tem) staff. When not busy with school they enjoy embroidery, insect collecting, and eating sweets.

Julia Martinez – Secretary

Julia Martinez is a freshman in Cinema. Outside of Pwatem, she’ll usually watch movies, listen to music, and take pictures around Richmond.

Reese Cilley – Web Master

Reese Cilley is freshman majoring in communication arts. This is their first year on the Pwatem staff. They like to read and write when they have free time.

Jesse Beck – Web Master

Jesse Beck is a freshman at VCU in the Art Foundations program, hoping to enter into either the film or graphic design program. He is hoping to continue working on the Pwa-tem staff throughout his college career. In his free time he enjoys the art of memorization, particularly regarding the globe and the human skeletal system.

Our Editors

Ally Awtry
Loki Bischoff
Avery Eckert
Lois Heden
Julia Martinez

Jordan McPherson
Finn Plotkin
Viv Rathfon
Kirsten Sturgill