Emily Furlich is an English major and she will graduate in 2019.

Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Caroline Meyers  is Assistant Editor-in-Chief. She will graduate in fall 2020 with majors in Sculpture and Art History. This is her third year on staff. In her free time, she enjoys daydreaming and making lists.

Art Director

Ava Blakeslee-Carter is the Artistic Director for Pwa-tem. She is double majoring in Kinetic Imaging and Art Education. This is her third year on staff. And when she isn’t working on Pwa-tem, doing school work, or creating her own art, she enjoys hanging with friends and playing D&D.

Bobby Miller is a Junior in Communication Arts, hoping to do editorial illustration and/or concept design after graduation. This is his first year as a staff member and illustrator for Poictesme. He enjoys collecting CDs and discovering obscure 90s music.


Marlon McKay is a current sophomore in Mass Communications, hoping to graduate in 2021. He is from Norfolk, Virginia. When not writing, Marlon usually finds himself reading or watching random YouTube videos.


Madeline De Michele is Co-Webmaster and an illustrator for Poictesme. She is an Art Foundation and Psychology double major. Madeline enjoys bookbinding, analyzing literature, and watching The X-Files.


Editorial Staff

Alexandra Barry is a member of the Poictesme editorial staff. She graduates in 2019 with a BS in Biology and Psychology. Alley enjoys population and conservation ecology research, and writes fiction in her spare time.

Luke Campbell is an English Major and Creative Writing minor graduating in 2020.

Noel Elias is a sophomore aiming to graduate with a BFA in Kinetic Imaging and a minor in English. This is her first year on Poictesme as an editor and illustrator.   

Ellie Erhart has been an illustrator for Poictesme since fall 2016. She will graduate with a BFA in Communication Arts and a minor in English in the Spring of 2020. Ellie’s aspirations include pursuing a career in children’s illustration as well as literally pursuing any dog she sees. You can see more of her work at

Elise Ketch is a senior editor of Poictesme. She has been floating through various positions on staff for four years. At this time, she’s just happy to be here.

Kate Kharko is an editor at Poictesme. She is planning on graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in 2020, and is supposed to choose a major any day now. Her hobbies include trying to pet every dog on campus, especially the very fluffy ones.

Anya Sczerzenie is a freshman Mass Communications student at VCU. She is an aspiring journalist who writes creatively in her free time. She likes reading, hiking, podcasts, and Netflix.