Reese Cilley: Editor-In-Chief (they/them)

Reese Cilley is a junior majoring in Communication Arts with a double minor in Creative Writing and Environmental Studies. They enjoy reading, listening to podcasts, drawing, playing the trumpet, and watching cartoons in their free time. They love everything cartoons and environmental science.

Kirsten Sturgill: Art Director (they/them)

Kirsten is a VCU junior majoring in communication arts, specializing in Storyboarding. They enjoy animation, yarn works, plants, and astronomy.

Miska Khan: Assistant Editor (she/her)

Miska is a Sophomore majoring in Business Marketing. She has a passion for drawing, collecting figures, and watching animation. In her free time, she loves designing and tufting rugs for all her friends.

Mack Blair: Secretary (they/them)

Mack Blair is a Freshman majoring in Political Science with an International Relations focus, and minoring in History. Some of their favorite hobbies are playing video games, drawing, and snowboarding. They also love to make crafts and draw for their friends.