At this time we are accepting submissions from VCU undergraduates of all majors.

Pwatem accepts submissions on a rolling basis throughout the year. Editors encourage writers and artists to submit multiple times. Cover letters are not required and there is no fee for submissions.

Submit Here   (Non-VCU Email)


Pwatem accepts fiction, non-fiction, scripts and plays as well as all forms of poetry. We are open to all styles and genres. We typically publish pieces no more than 3500 words in length. Please include your entire submission as one attachment (multiple poems should be in one file). Please format your submission in Times New Roman and 12 point font with your name and contact information in the body of the email.

We are also accepting short fiction, poetry, creative and academic nonfiction as well as interviews for publication on our website. Website publication includes direct links to a contributor’s personal social media platforms


Pwatem accepts all media, including but not limited to sculpture, photography, paintings, prints, illustrations, graphic arts, and comic art. In the submission email please include the title of the piece and your name and contact information as well as dimensions and media of the original piece. The file should be an individual high resolution, well documented image in .jpeg, .png, or .pdf file format. The submission email may also include a link to an online portfolio.

Film, musical recordings, spoken work, and kinetic imagery can be submitted for website publication.

Editing Process

All submissions are reviewed by our full staff, in the order in which they are received. The staff of Pwatem are all undergraduates of various majors so please allow 3-6 weeks for our response. For written pieces, the editors may propose edits. The writer will work closely with one of the editors to develop the piece, meaning that the writer ultimately makes the decision of what will or will not change. This process generally takes 3-4 weeks.

For pieces that are accepted for our website, please allow at least 2-4 weeks for publication.

The editors of Pwatem look forward to reading all submissions.

4 thoughts on “submissions

  1. Rm says:

    Does this piece of fiction have to be completed? What if its like the first chapter of a longer story?

    1. pwatem says:

      Yes! That’s fine! You can also elaborate within your artists/writer statement that it is the first chapter of a longer story. I would just be mindful and think critically about whether the chapter holds up on its own versus as a part of a longer story! Also, please keep in mind that the word limit for our submissions is 3500. Excited for your submission! 🙂


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