Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit? 

You can submit to us by sending an email to Please check our submission guidelines for more information.

When is the submission deadline? 

The submission deadline for our main journal is February 5th.

How do I join Poictesme? 

You can join Poictesme at any time, but it is recommend to begin working with us in the fall semester. Send us an email for more information about meetings and to add you to our roster.

What positions are usually available? 

It varies, but there is usually always space for more junior editors, junior bloggers and illustrators.

I don’t have much experience with writing or editing, but I am interested in learning. Can I still join Poictesme as an editor?

Yes, you are welcome to join.

I am an art/design student and not really into literature. Can I still join Poictesme? 

Yes, there are many opportunities for art and design students. Please email us to see what positions are available.

Does Poictesme offer any paid positions? 


Does Poictesme count as a work-study or internship?


Is Poictesme involved in music, culture or journalism?

No. Please visit The Horn, Ink Magazine or the Commonwealth Times, respectively.

Is Poictesme only for undergraduate students?

No, Poictesme is open to all VCU students.

How many times can I submit? 

As many times as you want.

How many pieces can I submit as once? 

As many as you want.

Is there a specific style that Poictesme looks for? 

No. Poictesme is open to anything.

Can I submit something from a larger body of work? 


Can I submit something that has been previously published or also submitted elsewhere? 


I sent in my submission x weeks ago and haven’t gotten a response. 

Our apologies. Poictesme is run by students, after all, and sometimes things get a little bit backed up on our end.

I was rejected. Why? 

There are many reasons why our staff turns down certain pieces. The biggest one is because we run out of space and have to make cuts. We try to give publication opportunity to as much good writing an art as we can, but our final product can only have so many pages. If you want edits and feedback on your piece, please let us know.

Can I submit again? 


What does the word Poictesme mean? 

Poictesme is a fictional city created by the author James Branch Cabell. Yes, that Cabell.



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