Gratitude in Tens By: Taya Boyles

Gratitude in Tens
By: Taya Boyles 

One body

That sustains

My impulse and reckless abandon

Two sturdy legs 

That extend and root me when I am unstable

Three faucets that run

With clean water

That cascades in ton

At my convenience

Four doors 

Locked and secured

 To embolden my expression

 Five fingers that 

Wrap around mine 

During the turbulence

Six sparkling lights

A chandelier to guide

Even the darkest

Of night

Seven snowballs thrown

Juxtaposed by the chocolate oak

That I had climbed 

To its peak 

During careless hide and seek

I counted 

Eight neighboring houses are lest

Surrounded I felt free

Nine lives the wearied

Guardian angel has lent

For those who owe nothing

Yet are eager to be bent

In hopes of the outcomes

For the ten fingers 

That is pushed to transcribe

The human experience

The ability for a connection of transcendence

These glimpses of nirvana happen every day

In a stranger smile or the rosy fauna. 

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