Moveable Feast Review


By Kiara Moore

The Moveable Feast on September 20th was a gluttonous event that centered on indulging in booze, food, and ah, yes the richest sustenance of all, literature. The gathering, which takes place in the Visual Arts Center on Main, showcases the work of MFA students who read from their respective pieces.

Four students starred in the evening’s festivities: Leia Darwish, Dale Brumfield, Amanda Bausch, and Justin Belote. Darwish’s surreal poetry sounded like a dream filled with murky shadows. From Bausch’s collection, my favorite was “Memphis.” It had such a vibrant energy that made the city a living, breathing entity. Brumfield was animated in his reading and kept the audience entertained with his humorous, yet harrowing tale of a pedophiliac kidnapper. Belote’s poetry read like an incantation with its hypnotic, sensuous detail; his poetry has an honest clarity that is complemented by his imagery and fresh use of language.

The experience of the Moveable Feast was one of being surrounded by all kinds of people who love art. During the intermission, you can get a plate with chips and salsa while you balance a glass of merlot and carry on a lively conversation with one of the many fascinating people who attend the Feast. And feel luxurious by talking to graduate students.

I walked out the door pleasantly buzzed from brilliant poetry, prose, and wine.  I will definitely be attending the next Moveable Feast on October 25, 2013.

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