The Richmond Transients: Texas Beard Man

by Elly Call

This is a picture of a hat and
The Gospel of Mark 10:13-31 on a sign.

He had a conversational beard,
Sashaying out from the cowboy hat brim.
I wanted to talk to that beard.
It shared my feelings,
Reaching for me and everyone from the
Lower Lip Ledge in a
Friendly tangle.
He had come out of Texas.
He had been walking since years ago.
He made his hat out of toe-head hair roots.
He had never washed his hands, they had
Gathered salt soil and flood silt.
He had shown me his medium-well skin through his knuckle cracks.
He would tell me I was wrong about him and he would have been right.
(He was a pedestrian, his beard was a facial accessory and I was a motor vehicle operator and
We all didn’t really know each other; the three of us just frequented Broad Street.)
“It is a good day”
He told me through the window when I eaves-dropped on his conversation.
It was with
A generous woman, who wasn’t me.

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