untitled by Devin Manning

your hands are chains i have never wished to break free from. they hold me firmly yet i couldn’t dream of being let go. your fingers glide slowly over every curve of my body and every corner of my mind; fingertips dancing about like pristine ballerinas — as if i could possibly be equated to the brilliance of a stage.

your mouth is a garden — beautiful words always blossoming from it, dandelion-soft kisses planted on my soul in places i didn’t know needed love. every vivid aspect of your being elicits fields and fields of tranquility in my own — a calm like summer air.

and your heart — a steady ‘thump thump thump’ that drowns out my hummingbird beats and redefines my pulse lines. how a heart can be so full of love, i will never know. anatomy says that it should be close to bursting. but then again — thanks to you — so should my own.

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