Why I Write


interview of Christopher Sloce by Isabella Call | photography by John Dijulio

This year, I’ve turned into a weirdly superstitious writer.

I don’t work in my bedroom.  I don’t keep my work in the same room as me.  I try to have a desk to write on and I always listen to music when I’m working.  I also try to have five different balls in the air at the same time.

Why am I interested in writing? Why that as a mode of creative expression?  I mean, the crass answer is: It’s what I’m good at. I figured it out pretty early. I knew I wanted to write.  Everything I do now is going to help me write.  So, whatever job I get, I want it to be actively informing what I write, and improving my writing. It’s very hard to explain— me trying to make sense of what I do, and the world.  And honestly, it’s slightly hedonistic.  I enjoy it.  I like to do it.  I like to make up characters. I like when things click. That’s why I write.


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